International Media Readings in Moscow "Mass Media and Communications-2023"

Dates: 9-10 November 2023

The age of uncertainty in modern media and journalism: Challenges of big data and artificial intelligence

Digitalization and related processes signalled a new round of transformations that hit full force in the 2010s and continues to gain steam, as new technologies are making deep inroads into everyday life. Within this delicate social and professional balance, algorithms, big data and virtual reality powered by artificial intelligence have a particularly marked effect on the industry, as they transform individual media diets and communication patterns as well as media business models altogether. At this conference we welcome discussion on the strategies for fostering AI intelligibility and for embedding big data and AI-driven tools into journalism routines in such a way that they could ensure accuracy, accessibility, diversity, relevance, and timeliness of production at all stages of news work, vectors of algorithms-induced transformation of legacy journalism and new media. Specifics of the audience's view of automation, as well as the changing relationship between audience and newsmaker caused by the personalized news delivery are other important issues that should be cast into stark relief. Lastly, we encourage debates on the new norms, missions and professional requirements that underlie journalism in the era of artificial intelligence.

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