International Media Readings in Moscow "Mass Media and Communications-2022"

Dates: 27-28 October 2022

Digital platforms and the future of legacy media

Global platforms have taken significant amounts of revenues from traditional publishers, changing their production, distribution, audience engagement and monetization strategies worldwide. While the increasing role of platforms has clearly become a global trend in recent years, national contexts show at the same time different ways of how traditional news media reconcile with growing platform power and develop their innovation practices in this context. Specifics of regulation, media policies and advertising markets, journalistic cultures, role of the state and public/private sector, digital inclusion and digital literacy level — within journalistic community and audience, even digital technologies and Internet availability to population in different regions of the world can influence the way platforms are affecting legacy news media on site. At this year’s conference, we specifically welcome discussion around trustworthiness of digital platforms, their use and operation in the dissemination or curation of news and information around the world, the new opportunities, problems and risks platforms present to legacy media, journalists and audiences. The spread of misinformation and online falsehoods is another problem that should be assessed within the growing power of social media platforms. Lastly, we welcome a discussion around both positive and negative effects of increasing platform presence for publishers, media managers, journalists and active audiences given ongoing global transformation processes and national specifics.

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